Worthy Adsense Plugins for WordPress

Having ads on your site then you must manage it properly to earn more money and for that you can use these Adsense Plugins for WordPress. Here we How to Blog team have mentioned few most worthy Adsense Plugins, so take a look.Adsense plugins for WordPress

If you are having Google Adsense account and displaying ads on your site/ blog then, you must have knowledge of how and where to place ads to earn more money. Place affects most to get high CTR and earning and if you misplaced the ad then you might also get a penalty. So, if you don’t know how to and where to place ads then these Adsense Plugins for WordPress can help you.

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Adsense Plugins for WordPress

Google Publisher

An official plugin from Google for Google Adsense and it comes with the ad management system. After installing this, you don’t have to manually generate code snippet and adding them. This process will be done automatically and the plugin will enable ad for both mobile and computer. The plugin will automatically determine the best place to display ad on your site. You can also choose manually the place for the ad. You can also exclude pages where you don’t want to show ads.

Ad Injection

Where Google Publisher is only supported to Google Adsense, Ad Injection is supported with Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, ClickBank and various others. As per the post length, you can decide a number of ads to show and you can also specify which visitors will see the ads. As A/B split testing is also supported by this plugin, you can easily decide which ad format is best.

Easy Plugin for Adsense

Another plugin for Google Adsense you can try for your WordPress blog. Using this plugin you can show ads on the front page and other pages as well. You can choose hover effect for the ads from given options. You can show more than one ad but not more than three as per the rules of Google Adsense. This plugin is available in multiple languages.

Ad Inserter

With this plugin, you will have 16 different code blocks and customization options. You can choose automatic ad display or can show where you want. The plugin will also add a widget, so you can easily show ads on the sidebar. More customize options like you can show an ad to specific people like logged in or logged out users and also users from a specific type of devices.

WordPress Ad Widget

Compatible with most of ad providers, this plugin provides easiest way to display ads. You can display both text and image type ads using this plugin. Numbers of ads you can display using this plugin but don’t break the policy of ad providers.

So these Adsense Plugins for WordPress you can try for your blog and if you know more options then kindly mention in the comment section. Share this in your social circle and help us to get more visitors.


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