In our previous post we had compared WordPress vs Blogger and we recommended you to use WordPress. Now in WordPress also there are types and so which one to use?

Again confused, don’t be and just go through this comparison.

First of all a common question will arise in your mind that What is the difference between these two and

Answer is is very similar to Blogger means it is free. Hosting will be provided by WordPress, so you don’t have to buy it. And is fully controlled by you means you have to buy domain and hosting, so you are the full owner of your site.

Now let’s compare both, so you can get clear and cut idea about both. or or


  • You can add all type of plugins i.e. free, paid and can custom that also in You can maximize the use of all plugins and can get best output.
  • You can’t add any plugins and can use only those plugins which are built-in in If you want to use more plugins then you have to pay for that (even for free plugins).


  • If want to earn from your blog with ads and affiliated links then you can do it very easily. You can show ads of any ad service company like Google adsense and alternatives of it. What you earn from these ads is completely yours.
  • While in you are not allowed to show up ads until you get 25K pageviews/ month. If you still want to show ads then you have to apply for Ad Control feature. This process is free but the ad revenue will be split in 50-50 automatically.


  • You are free to use any theme and also can modify it in
  • There are limited free themes that you can use and also can’t modify it. Again you have to pay to install more themes or modify themes.


  • As per the hosting plan you choose for your site, you have to pay monthly or yearly. Also you have to pay for the domain name.
  • provides you the free hosting up to 3 GB storage capacity and also free sub domain ( You can also use your custom domain if you have. For more storing capacity you have to pay more. Text Ads will be shown on your blog and if you want ad free site then again you have to pay.

Maintenance and Extra traffic

  • is fully owned by you, so you have to maintain it. You have to take care all like updates and backups etc. As per your SEO and social network you will get traffic.
  • The entire task about hosting, updates and backups are done by the network automatically, you don’t have to do anything. is one network and as a network it may feature your posts in their blogs of the day section. Due to that you can get extra traffic without any effort.

This is the full comparison between and and now you can understand which one is better for you. Subscribe with us and get all latest updates of our blog. If you found this helpful then, kindly share with others and help us. OR – Which one is better?

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