#netneutrality #SaveTheInternet are currently trending in all social media platform. What is this Net Neutrality? Do we really need it if yes then why?

Hey friends currently in India only two topics are in news first is about our PM Narendra Modi’s 9 days tour to Europe countries and second one is Net Neutrality. In first one not all are interested except Modi fans but second one may affect you.

If you are techie guy and loved to surfing, online shopping, chatting, watching videos and more online things, then you must be aware with Net Neutrality. If not then don’t worry and read further.

Net Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality?

What if you need to pay extra money for You tube?
What if you need to pay extra money for Social sites?
What if you need to pay extra money for Whatsapp?

Don’t care much then

What if you need to pay extra money for Adult sites?

Now you care…

In short if you have activated any 2G/ 3G/ 4G/ Broad band plan and then also can’t access some sites and to access those sites you have to pay extra money. For all sites you have to pay different amount of money. This is what anti-net neutrality is and our Indian telecom companies want this.

In normal words right now our Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has asked people what they want. In response people have filed petition against this anti-net neutrality act and all are supporting Net Neutrality. Some time ago same issue was raised in USA but people have opposed it and USA has not implemented this anti-net neutrality act.

How can I support Net Neutrality?

We can also do the same what USA people have done but for that you have to support Net Neutrality act. To support you have to sign the petition and have to mail to TRAI officials. You can get guidance from Save the Internet site. Just follow the given instructions and mail your response to TRAI. Please share this more and more on social sites among your friends and save the Internet.

Why all are supporting Net Neutrality? Do we really need it?

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