Want to start a blog but not having any idea on which topic you can start a blog. Don’t worry here we How to Blog team has provided complete guidance on What is a niche website and how you can get benefit by just selecting the best niche, so just go through it.

What is a niche website technically?

Niche is nothing but a topic. The topic on which you can write out with your interest and can provide extra details to your viewers is called niche. In other terms, it is a topic on which you can work easily, happily and willingly. Answer of what is a niche website is if you build a website on some specific niche then that will be called a niche website.

what is a niche website
Unique niche

What should be your niche?

Niche plays an important role at both sides. Writer side as well as your reader side also. As a writer, you should keep following points in your mind while selecting your niche.

  • You are most interested in it
  • You have or can have huge information of it
  • You never be fed up working on it

As I said it is not a one-way path that you can select your favorite topic to write a blog. But you should take care of your readers because you are writing for them, not for yourself.

What’s in demand?

People come online when they need a solution or any detail or want fun. So, your niche should be related to any of these. Some hot topics are listed here below.

  • Niches that offer solution like ‘How to
  • Niches related to ‘Earning Money
  • Niches related to entertainment

How to find a niche?

There are various tools available online that shows you what is trending? or what people search? But I suggest you that you use Google Keyword Planner. Here you can write any phrase and can know the importance of that means you can figure how many times that particular word is searched by people. From here you can select your niche but before finalizing it take care of below points.

  • Topic should be your favorite
  • It should have market value

Cheap or Costly

While selecting your niche, you should prefer what is best for you. You will have two options for your niche one would be cheap and one would be costly. So here I would like to suggest you that go for the costly one.


Because that will give you a benefit to gain traffic and will help you to build your brand. After that, it will help you to start affiliate marketing. Know what is affiliate marketing?

To make your work easy, you can check this priority list.

  1. You are most interested + most searchable + costly
  2. You interested + most searchable + costly
  3. You are most interested + most searchable + cheap
  4. You are interested + most searchable + cheap
  5. You are most interested + not so most searchable + costly
  6. You are most interested + not so most searchable + cheap

Examples of niche websites

  • Money making: Includes money making tips with the Internet
  • Blogging: Includes blogging tips, tutorials, SEO tips, social media optimization etc
  • Technology: Includes gadgets, applications and technical equipment related information
  • Insurance claims: Includes how to claim your insurance and related procedure
  • Green Energy: Includes all types of alternative energy source including solar, wind, thermal and their easy availability at home and offices
  • Weight loss: Includes all diet plans, exercises and medicines with no side effects to control weight
  • Investment: Includes mutual funds, retirement plans etc
  • Loans: Includes all type of loans like home loans, car loans, micro-financing, education loans
  • Jobs: Includes how to get a job, how to prepare for interview, job application guides
  • Lifestyle and Beauty: Includes all fashion ware, Jewelry, Beauty style and all other tips related to fashion

Some people choose multi-niche type blog and cover two or more niche from this list. Choose multi-niche type only when you are prepared for that means if you are able to provide information on your selected niches then only start multi-niche type blog. If you can’t update all section regularly then readers will not show interest on your blog and you will lose your traffic.

So, this is all about niche and I hope now you all are clear with the question What is a niche website. Share this with your friends and aware them.

What is a niche website? How to select the best niche?

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  • December 30, 2015 at 12:38 pm

    Jay, Good one. Just to add on into this. Don’t choose your niche just for the purpose of making money. However this is the end results which we want but money oriented niche and passion not long running. Blog is a game of patience and wait. If you are only looking money out of it then soon you’ll try to give up because its not going to give money overnight. It takes time so have patience and write quality content.

    • January 1, 2016 at 12:33 pm

      Hi Deepak,
      Thank you for your suggestion and fully agree with you Deepak and that’s why I have mentioned the priority list.

  • January 11, 2016 at 11:34 am


    Awesome post bro ! you answered many of unanswered queries with this post.. Thanks


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