What is a blog and What do you mean by blogging

In our very first article of how to blog we are going to first understand that what is a blog and what do you mean by blogging? Blog and blogging both words are getting very popular nowadays and most of the people wants to get an idea about this. So, in this article we first get basic knowledge about blog and blogging.

A blog is a web-based platform which is very similar to any website and that’s why people misunderstood between a website and a blog. So first of all, let’s clear the difference between a blog and a website.

What is a Blog

what is a blog

A blog is a short form of a weblog which is a deliberation site with regular updates and most recent update appears first means it is a reverse chronological update display. This is the main difference between a website and a blog. Blog is the World Wide Web-based platform where anyone can share their ideas on various topics or can share their life’s experiences or what is happening in their personal life and that’s why there are various types of blogs.

Blog transformation

Like human, blog is also transformed from one stage to next. At first blogs are limited and generally one author handles it with any one topic. But nowadays Multi-Author Blogs have developed and lots of different authors write articles on various topics and subjects related various fields. Many people make money also through their blogs or by writing articles on various blogs.

Blog types

Personal blog

  • It is nothing but the personal diary where people share some parts of their personal life by photos and some incidents


  • To share their views and what’s going on in their minds by short texts and photos is nothing but microblogging and examples of it is Twitter, Facebook and likewise

Corporate and Organizational

  • For the business purpose, these blogs are used and these may be private


  • News portal where all latest and breaking news are posted related to all fields like politics, entertainment, weather and many others

These are some popular types and apart from these there are various other types

For blog various platforms are available like Blogger and WordPress, you can try anyone and can start your blog.

So this is my view on a blog and if you want to share anything else then you can share it in the comment section. In our next article, we will share our view on how to start a blog and what are the basic requirements you need to start your own blog.


Jay, who loves to blog and to share experience of his blogging career. I am here to help you all those new bloggers who want to make this blogging as their career. Apart from blogging I like to make new friends and want to travel each and every corner of the World.

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