Backlinks play very important role to drive more traffic on your site and most of the backlinks you can create by commenting on others blog and if you know how to comment effectively then you can easily create backlinks. If you are facing problem regarding to that then first know how to do it? and here we will discuss the same.

If you are a blogger then I think you know the importance of backlinks and everyone tries to increase their backlinks more and more as it helps to improve your PR and traffic. In try to improve these things, most of the people comments blindly on numbers of articles. But you should also know that backlinks from low rank pages are useless, so you should comment effectively. So, first we will see how to comment and then we will see where to comment?


How to comment?

Actually comment is a one type of art that not everyone knows how to do? but if you want to learn then follow given below tips.

NOTE: Before you comment it is necessary to read out whole article first or take a look on main headings or points of the article

Give your view

If you had read full article then take any 1 point from that and share your views on it or if you know more facts about that then write it down. If you share more on the same topic then not only author but also viewers will attract to it and that is very nice


Sometimes reply also help. If you had read full article and don’t get anything to share then read comments where you can get idea about the topic. Then from all comments choose any one and reply to that, so that person will interact with you and you can share your link there

Ask if you don’t get

From the whole article take any one point which you don’t understand and ask author to elaborate more on that specific topic in comment section

So, this is all about how to comment and now we will see where to comment

Where to comment?

High PR pages

Before you comment it is necessary to check the PR of that page and then comment. If you comment on high PR page then it will definitely help you to get more traffic. As we all know that PR depends upon visitors and backlinks, higher the PR higher numbers of visitors there. So, if you comment on high PR page then you can get more traffic

Commentluv enabled blogs

This is nothing but these blogs use one plug-in, so those who comment can directly share their recent posts there. Google Commentluv enabled blogs and find list of links where you can comment

These are the few things which you have to take care when comment on other blog. I hope you like this and if you have any doubt then let us know in comment section below.

Want more backlinks then first learn how to comment effectively

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