WordPress is very popular Content Management System and millions of users are relying on this platform. Various features are offered by WordPress, but there are some simple features which are unnoted by most of the WordPress users.

WordPress features list is very long, but I am writing this post to aware you with some Simple Unnoted WordPress Features. When I knew about these, I am also shocked because I was also unaware about it.

Simple WordPress features

Simple WordPress Features

As a WordPress user I know the WordPress features and benefits and that’s why I love this quote [bctt tweet=”Use Blogger and you can quit it. Use WordPress and you are hooked!”]


  • This feature is very commonly unnoted by the users and those who know are not aware with the complete feature.
  • To make the post more informative, people use video, image, tweet and other extra sources.
  • To put YouTube video in your post, you need to add embed code which is provided on the video page. By copy-pasting that code, you can add that video anywhere. This is a very easy method, but WordPress has an in-built facility for few platform and what is it?
  • This embeds feature of WordPress let you put video, tweet and image without adding the embed code. To add such things you have to just paste the main URL of the video, tweet or image and you done. This facility is valid for YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Pinterest and many more sites.
  • This embed facility is very simple and people don’t have to look for the embed code. You can also put images by this method. Right click does not work anymore on such type of images and that’s why no one can copy image URL and that’s why you can put an image tag in the page and no one can block it from being linked externally.
  • More and more services are added in this list that allow embeds. You can also control it like if you want to enable providers from the list you can use wp_oembed_add_provider function to add to the list and same as you can remove also using wp_oembed_remove_provider.

Custom Read More

  • Those who use WordPress are aware with the read more tag. Read more tag sets a breakpoint for the post and when it appear on your blog homepage it will show Read more link.
  • You can easily customize these tags if you know coding and you can show such tags as ‘Continue Reading’, ‘Read…’ and also can put an image.
  • If you don’t know coding then also you can easily set different anchor text post by post and can generate ‘Read more’ link. To customize text you have to just add the text which you want to show just after more in read more tag. To add text follow these steps.
  1. First insert read more tag as normally you ad
  2. Now go to Text mode where you can find <!–more–> at the place where you have added tag
  3. Now here after more just write text which you want to show i.e. <!–more your text… –>
  4. So in real time that text will look as your anchor text for read more link.

NOTE: This depends on the theme if your theme showing ‘Read more’ button or image then it will not work. But if your theme just showing simple text link as ‘Read more’ then it will work.

Use of wp-config.php file

  • At the time of WordPress installation, you have created one file called wp-config.php with the database. And also have added secure keys and code to enable caching. Some more you can add in this file and that will form a more secure WordPress site for you.

Disallow file edits

define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true );

  • If you want to disable theme and plugin editor in WordPress admin then this code you have to add. By doing this, you can save your files from being editing. No one can edit such files after adding this code and you can prevent accidental changes in such files.

Force SSL logins

define( ‘FORCE_SSL_LOGIN’, true );

  • If you are using SSL set up and that is slowing your server then this is helpful for you. This code will force your login page to be secure while allowing non-SSL sessions. This is very helpful as the security of your site and you can be relaxed.
  • If you want to force your login and entire admin area to be secured then use admin code instead of login.

define( ‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true );

NOTE: If you are aware with how to deal with the wp-config.php file then only use this feature, otherwise it will create a problem.

Wrapping up

These simple WordPress features are mostly unnoted by the users. There are various others; some are simple and some are complex. Apart from these if you know more about such features then kindly mention in the comment section below.

Unnoted Simple WordPress features which are awesome

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