Top 5 really useful SEO tips for 2015

To get listed higher on a search result is not an easy thing; it requires proper SEO, keywords, link buildings and many other things. Those who are running their blog and do SEO by their own then they are always looking for the better tips about it. So, here we How to Blog team is going to share with you some really useful SEO tips for 2015 that will surely give the best result with your traffic.SEO  tips for 2015

To get a higher place in search result first, you should have a better page rank because it matters a lot. This page rank mainly depends on your content (more than 50%) and then on SEO, so first your content must be unique. Now we will discuss SEO tips for 2015 which are for you to get a better result with traffic on your site.

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Quality Inbound/ Backlinks

  • If you have some high PR inbound/backlinks then it surely helps you to rank higher in search results, so it will maximize the chances to get an increase in PR. As a result, you will definitely get organic traffic and if you are using Adsense then you can earn well because of it. While creating back link you must keep one thing in view that where you are placing your link must have high PR and should be related topic as your blog

Guest posts

  • Guest posting is an easy way to get traffic in the natural way and what you have to do is just put your article on some blog directory which should have good PR and traffic. Put link of your site in article, so reader will directly come on your site

Put video in your post

  • Now a days video posts are very popular and it also helps to get more traffic. If possible then create YouTube channel for your blog and link it with your blog and upload videos related to your post. If you can’t do that then make power point slide video where share key points of your article

Use fetch as Google option

  • In Google webmaster tool, there is option called ‘Fetch as Google’ which helps you to index any page your site instantly, so use this wherever required

Keyword placement

  • Please set proper and related keyword for each of your article. Most of the users over flood keyword section by plenty of keywords and some them are not really related with the topic of your blog, so take care with that section

These are the Top 5 really useful SEO tips for 2015 and if your want to know more about it then kindly let us know.


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