Most of the bloggers confused when this question raise Should I switch WordPress Web Hosting or not? Here is the answer of this question whether you should switch or not.Change web hosting wordpress

When any newbie decide to start site/ blog on WordPress platform with the self-host option, most of them don’t know which hosting provider company they should choose? So, they start with some low-cost planning as they are beginners. Some of them don’t even know what are the requirements for their site i.e. bandwidth, the number of domains they can host and regarding things. Now, what they do wrong is sometimes they choose wrong hosting provider and due to that they have to suffer in future. So, here we are going to tell some points or problems and if you are facing any then it’s time to change your WordPress Web Hosting.

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When to Change Web Hosting WordPress

Frequent Downtime

  • None of the web hosting company offers 100% uptime hosting. But if you are facing downtimes many times in one day or more than half day at regular time interval then it’s time to change Web Hosting WordPress. Downtime is very bad for any site as it creates problems with ranking, SEO, traffic etc. As we are not online 24 hours, so how can we know our site was down at this time. Simple solution for that is you can use Akismet plugin or use service like Pingdom to get update of such incident

Database Connection Error

  • If you see error establishing database connection on your site often then it is due to bad plugins or you are outgrowing your host servers. Such problem indicates that now you should change Web Hosting WordPress

Internal Server Error

  • This is most common error which occurs with everyone but if it occurs regularly then it is a major problem and it indicates that now you should change Web Hosting WordPress

Slow Page Speed

  • First check your page speed at Google Page Speed Insights then solve the problem which are affecting to your page speed. Still you are facing the slow speed problem then you might need to upgrade your plan or change Web Hosting WordPress

Site has Outgrown your Host

  • Most of the sites are hosted on sharing means many sites are hosted on the same server. You can control and limit resources by using caching + CDN, but you can’t control other sites. If your site is busier than others on the same server then you are slowing down other sites. At that time, others will then start terminating your resources without warning. If you start facing such problem then you should change Web Hosting WordPress

Cautions: To transfer your site from one hosting service to other is not an easy task, so before you take any decision first contact your current hosting provider and tell the problem which you are facing. If you can’t get any solution then only transfer your site. Now when you want to switch, ask your new hosting provider to help to transfer data and they will surely help you.

These all problems will make you think whether you should change your WordPress Web Hosting or not? If you find these details helpful then kindly share it with others and let us know in comment section below.

Time to change Web Hosting WordPress

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