Congratulation your guest post is published and is live on web, now what to do? As your post get published on guest blog you should take care of some things and such all things here we are going to discuss with you.

Earlier we have discussed things you should take care before guest blogging we discussed about things to take care to get published your guest post quickly and now we are going to discuss things you should take care after your post get published on guest blog. In any work final touch is very important and here you have to do the same because on the basis of this your image as blogger or I can say professional blogger will be built in editor’s mind as well as in visitors’ mind.

Guest Blogging

Respond to visitors

  • As your guest post get published, some visitors will comment on your post and you have to reply them nicely. Every blog has some unique and specific readers and editor of the blog also wants you to reply them as you have posted your views on it. At other side from comments you can know that what visitors are actually looking for and you can also expand your visitors in this field

Build relation

  • After your post get published send an email to the editor and thank them for providing this opportunity. Also tell them that if they want to give more details on same topic or the topics in which you have special interest then you can write post for them

Share, share and share

  • Guest blog followers will share your post that is obvious but you also share that post on your social platform and also to email subscribers, so you will get some extra readers which is beneficial for both of you

Guest post on your blog

  • Share all f your guest post on your blog also by adding one special page and provide all links of your guest post or other nice way is that use logos of the blogs where you have posted your guest post and show them on side bar of the page

These few things you have to take care after your post get published on guest blog and if you have any doubt then kindly let me know in comment section below and also share this with others.

Things to take care after guest post is live on guest blog

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