Guest blogging is a nice practice because it is good for your own blog also and is one of the best marketing strategies and to promote your own blog. If you are sharing your posts on some good blogging platform which has good page rank then it is very beneficial for you.

Guest blogging is good and healthy for your blog marketing and it requires some pre and post preparations. So, few things here we are going to discuss with you that you should take care before guest blogging.

Guest Blogging

Make clear objective first

If you want to start guest blogging then first you should clear the reason behind that means why you are doing guest blogging? Just as freelance work or you want to promote your blog or product through it because it is the only bridge between you and your objective

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Choose right one

Before you start guest blogging first choose right blog for it and then continue with it. To choose best blog consider following two factors.

  • Blog should have high numbers of visitors
  • Blog should have good social bonding with good Google PR and Alexa ranking
  • Be scientist and make research

Once you find out any blog then first get familiar with it means take a closer look with that blog and do your research work. Consider following points in your research work.

  • First of all read most popular posts of that blog and focus on quality of that post, so you can get idea about what quality you have to provide
  • Now find the posts which are related with your topic and read few of them, so you can know what to write and what not. If you submit same post which is already being published then they will not publish your post
  • Then go through comments of the same posts and see what readers want
  • Last but not the least read all guidelines or policies about the blog, so you can get clear idea

Make strong bond

This is not really necessary but try to make bond with the blog owner then daily comment on some recently uploaded posts, like that blog on facebook and follow it on social media. If possible then send an email to him about their work and give feedback of the blog

So, these are basic thinks which you have to take care before you start guest blogging and I think you find these details useful. If you think so then kindly share this with others and follow us to get all latest updates.

Things to look after before you start guest blogging

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