Has submitted post on guest blog and worried about post will be published or not then follow these things to do for getting published your post on guest blogging.

In our last post we discussed the points that you should take care before guest blogging and now we are going to look those points which you should do while guest posting so your post get published easily on blog. Obviously guest blogging gives you the valuable backlink which helps to grow your blog. So, follow the given below tips and get published your post on A grade blogs easily.

Guest Blogging

Know your guest blog first

  • First of all see which types of posts are published mostly and read content of the same, so you can get idea what quality you have to give. Also read all guidelines of the blog and follow it carefully.

Write quality content

  • This is the main point which you should consider at high priority, so write your unique content and then check grammar mistake of your content using some online tool. After cross checking all such things then only submit your article

Headline is main line

  • Your heading should not be simple but it must be extra ordinary, so readers take interest in your post and read out the whole article

Provide link connectivity

In some guest blog they will directly give you the WP account and you have to submit your post in it, so just add your post in that and put some old links of that blog which are related with your topic, so editor will find it easy and also he will get impressed

Add your intro

  • Add your perfect and professional intro, so editor get impressed and also this is your chance to get backlink from here, so put link of your site and grab this opportunity

Contact editor

  • After submitting your post if your post don’t get published then contact editor with a small and worthy e mail and let him/ her know about your post and also ask about if there is any problem with your post. If it is there then solve it immediately. Remember one thing wait for minimum 1 week and then contact don’t make too much hurry. Because editor has to check lots of posts, so it is obvious that minimum 1 week time is required

These are the things which you have to take care to get publish your post on guest blog and if you think that these details are helpful then kindly share it with others and also let us know in comment section below.

Things to do for getting published your post on guest blogging

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