Using WordPress site then you must have changed theme once or want to change theme. Before you change WordPress theme you should take care of few things and such things are listed here.

To change theme in WordPress is not a difficult task, just few clicks and you done. First impression of your site is created by the appearance, so you must choose theme according to your need. For that you can see How to choose theme for your site. As you have decided to change theme then you should check some settings and changes which you had made in your current theme. So such few things you must check before you change theme to get better result.

Things to do before Changing WordPress theme

Things to do before changing WordPress Theme



First of all take backup of all things for that you can use these WordPress backup plugins. This will assure you that if anything goes wrong then you can easily get all data back.


I think most of people have added tracking codes from Google Analytics or from other services. Most of the people don’t use plugin to add such codes and directly paste it to the file (footer.php). So, just get it and remember the place where you had paste it.

Sidebar widgets

Sidebar is very important for any theme because this is the place where you can add all necessary widgets. Some themes come with pre-loaded widgets, so you must check both of your themes old and new that which are pre-loaded. Make list of all widgets you are using, so you can add back.

Notes of Customization

Make notes of all the customization you had done in your current theme. List all the extra code files which had put in your current theme.

Page speed

Check the speed of your site with current theme. If possible check different pages of your site not only home page. You can compare the speeds of both after you change theme and you can get idea about speed of your site.

Maintenance mode

When you are changing the theme at that time you must switch your site to maintenance mode. Using Maintenance mode plugin you can show the visitor the page of maintenance mode.


After changing the theme check all the plugins and widgets. Also check your site on all browsers and see whether it is compatible or not. Then after remove the maintenance mode and let the visitors come on your site.

So, these are the basic things to do before changing WordPress theme. I hope you like and useful for you, if yes then kindly share this with your friends also. Comment us if you know further about this point.

Things to do before Changing WordPress theme

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