These are the steps to start a money making blog and we How to Blog team has made a special effort to cover all the related things on this topic.

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  • Choose your niche/ topic
  • Find some related keywords
  • Choose domain name
  • Choose blogging platform
  • Choose theme/ template
  • Make SEO
  • Promote your blog
  • Money making blog

Blogging is the best field to make money online and that is the main reason behind Why so many newHow to start a money making Blog blogs start every day. Every day lots of new blogs are registered and most of them start a blog to make money.

But not everyone gets success, most of them fail. To start money making blog is not an easy task because it requires some research work and that is to be done before you start a blog.

To make money from the blog you need to work hard on every point of it. If you also want to start a money making blog then you have to do some serious work. So, here I am going to tell you the success factors of How to start a money making blog. These factors can help you to complete your dream. So, let’s start with each point.

How to start a money making Blog

Choose your niche/ topic

This is your first step to start a money making Blog and niche matters a lot for that, so choose wisely. In choosing a niche, I would suggest that it should be unique and you must have proper knowledge about the same. Because if you deliver right and informative knowledge then people will surely visit your blog regularly.

You can also visit Google Trends to get an idea about what is trending? And you can start your blog from anyone of that. Here check country wise trending list and according to your target audience/ country you can pick up any topic for your blog.

Currently, hot topics in blog are Beauty, Food, Parenting, Financial and Entertainment

Find some related keywords

After choosing your blog niche/ topic, you have to work on related keywords. Keywords are the words that can help to rank your blog in SERP. The best way to find keyword is use Google Adwords tool where you can get a tool of finding keywords. Check here How you can keyword using Google Adwords tool.

From keywords, you can get an exact idea about What people are really searching related to your niche? So, research on this and find some keywords which are mostly searched by the people. Now just focus on these keywords and use them in your blog post. Also use these words while getting backlinks.

Choose domain name

Domain name is considered as one factor for good SEO. So, here I would like to suggest that try to get such domain name which includes one of your main keywords. The second thing you have to take care while choosing domain name is, always use top level domain no matter whether you choose self-hosted blog or free blog because it gives your blog a professional look.

Top level domain,,,

Free domain,

NOTE: If possible then try to get .com domain. If you can’t get it then it’s OK. More details about domains you can get from Firstsite Guide where Anja has written all details about domains.

Choose blogging platform

For blogging platform, you have lots of choices but most of the people prefer WordPress or blog spot. Here you can read about Blogger vs WordPress and decide which one is better for you. If you choose WordPress then again you have two choices and, so read it and choose.

Apart from WordPress there are various alternatives available, so you can also choose from it. As per the scenario, I would suggest that go with a self-hosted WordPress platform. To choose hosting plan you can read this guidance.

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Choose theme/ template

After choosing a blogging platform, you have to work on blog’s appearance. If you continue with Blogger then choose a template which has a great look because it will attract your visitors. And if you continue with WordPress then choose which has a great look and should be fully responsive.

If you are planning to go with WordPress then you must know How to install WordPress theme? The best options for WordPress themes are Genesis child themes and Thesis.

Make SEO

This is the most important step to start a money making blog. First of all learn here What is SEO? You have to take care of both On page SEO and Off page SEO. On the basis of SEO you blog will rank on SERP, so handle this with great care.

For SEO, I would suggest that don’t go with Black Hat SEO techniques. That will harm your site and you will lose the rank of your site.

Promote your blog

Promoting blog is one part of SEO only. In the earlier period of your blog, you have to promote your blog on social platforms to get traffic. Through social sharing, you can build a relation with your readers and can get loyal readers for your blog.

Build email list and get more and more subscribers because this can help you to get more readers. Also, you can read How to promote your blog to get the idea.

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Money making blog

Various options are available to make money from your blog. But most of the bloggers try to get Google Adsense to make money. This is the most common way to make money. You can also try Google Adsense alternatives to start a money making blog.

If you use any ad network then make sure that you are not breaking any rules of them otherwise they will ban your account.

Wrapping up

These are the factors which I had followed to start a money making Blog. I hope this will be helpful to you all also.

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Success Factors of How to start a money making Blog

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  • July 29, 2015 at 11:06 am

    Making money from your blog is evergreen discussion topic! I liked the article , but it could be more in depth researched. I think focusing on long tail keywords is what actualy works now, fighting with competition. Because ranking is what matters at the end!
    Congrats and good luck with your blog!

    • July 29, 2015 at 1:02 pm

      Thanks Georgi,
      Yes completely agree with your point about Long Tail Keywords and I will update it here.


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