If you are offering guest authors to publish their posts on your blog then it is very good for both as it is very good practice to spread your blog. In this case you required some plugins which are needed for guest blogging, so you can get all update from guest authors and here we will discuss the same.

In guest blogging when any guest author submit any post at that time the editor or admin should get notification that someone has submitted post. So after editor will edit your post and if there is any problem with the post then he will let you know and also after getting published any post guest author will also get notification that your post is now being published. For this type of work you need some plugins which are useful for this and some best are described here.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging WordPress Plugin

Peter’s Post Notes

This plugin is especially made for guest blogging and it will let you add ‘Note’ at right side of the page where editor and author can point each other. For example if author want to highlight some points then he can write in this Note and same editor can mention to author if there is any problem

Peter’s Collaboration Emails

Use this plugin with Peter’s Post Notes and you will get great result. When any guest author submits post it will email to editor with post edit link, so he can edit it. Same as when post is get published; author of that post will get email about post publication. So by this way this plugin gives you best facility and you always get notifications


A good practice for Guest blogging is to let user register their self to submit on your blog, so they can directly submit articles and your work is get reduced. Now as you give permission to register there is chance of spammers and they will submit spam posts also, so this plugin saves you from spammers and protect your blog

User Role Editor

When you allow users to register with your blog, they can directly open your WordPress blog dashboard and can submit post. So, they can use all facilities available on your blog dashboard means all plugins, themes, settings. At that time you have to define the role of any new registered role and which options they can use and this work can be done easily with this plugin

So, these are the best guest blogging WordPress plugins you can use on your blog. Share these with others if you find this article helpful and also let us know in comment section below.

Must have guest blogging WordPress plugin

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