In our last post we have seen some useful SEO terms and now we will continue the same because there are some more which are very useful for beginners. Kindly go through all of them.

Common SEO terms cont…


Link building

  • Activity of getting backlink/ inbound link to your web site is called link building and is helpful to improve search engine ranking


Meta Data/ Tags

  • Tags which are used to tell search engine that what your blog/ page is about

Meta Description

  • Used to describe any web page and it is less than 160 characters in length and appears on search engine result page below the title as sample content


Organic search

  • It is a search result that appears on search engine result naturally means it is not a paid advertisement. This result appears based on the indexing of page and it is a good sign if your page appear in organic search



  • It is a text file that defines that how spiders see your site means you can disallow/ allow search engine spiders to see your site


SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

  • The page display on screen with result of the searching term/ word when you search anything


  • It is a map designed by the webmaster or any software that provides link of all pages and images of your site which helps search engine to know your site very well


  • It is a program that spy on the web automatically and collects information about web sites



  • Numbers of visitors to your site

Title tag

  • The main title of any page of your site which is defined by the <title> HTML tag inside head section of page. This helps search engine spiders to find this page when anyone search about that particular tag or title

If you know more other terms or want to know any new term which is not listed here feel free to mention us in comment section.

Most common and should know SEO terms Part-2

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