Owning a blog and want to start SEO by your own then you must have idea on most common SEO terms which are used in this field often. Now here we are going to list some general SEO terms which are really helpful to understand the SEO world and also you can start SEO of your blog with your own.

In our previous post we told you that what is SEO and now here below some SEO terms are given, so take a look at those.


Common SEO terms


301 Redirect

  • This is redirect request and it is used when you change web address of any page of your blog, so it will redirect reader to new web address. This also helps when any user had bookmarked any page of old web address and he re-open it then also it will redirect to new address


Anchor Text

  • This is a text link to web page which is used in your content with dark blue underlined word. Generally people use ‘Click here’ to go other page, but I advise that use anchor text instead because it also helps search engines that what this link is about

Alt tag

  • This tag is used within IMG tag as an alternate text and it is helpful for search engines and reader when IMG can’t be displayed


Backlink/ Inbound link

  • It is link which is originating from one web site and leads to another web site


CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

  • It is a language which is used to describe how any page or web site will look according to HTML code and through this you can change font style, layout of site, color and various other things


  • It is one type of method which is used to show different web page to search engine spider then what is original and it is used by the spammers


Google PageRank

  • It is a rank that represents how important a page is on the web



  • The main title and other important things on your post are defined by the heading which are designed as H1 or H2 or H3


Indexed page

  • A page which is stored by the search engines



  • What user write in search engines box and it draws to specific web page

Keyword density

  • How frequent a keyword is used on any web page

More other SEO terms we will discuss in our next post, so keep in touch with us

Most common and should know SEO terms Part-1

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