Want to be popular, want some followers or fans then you must be the great personality. If you are professional with anything or you can do some special thing but not having an online presence then you are wasting your talent. In this 21st century, you have lots of ways to show your talent to the world without being the great personality.


Just market yourself online.

But how can you do that? Simple just follow this guidance on How to market yourself online?

How to market yourself online
Infographic on market yourself

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Create your professional blog

  • The blog is a common and effective medium to connect with people. I know social media is there to connect with people, but there are some limitations with that. The blog provides you the great way to show all your talent and can start your online business with that or can market your product.
  • If you don’t know that learn first What is a blog? To start your professional blog you have to invest only a few bucks for

Professional hosting

Premium themes/ templates

  • For hosting you can prefer SiteGround and Hostgator and for themes you can go with Genesis. Why these because they are providing great service and support.

Get specific

  • Only do those things in which you are expert. Don’t mislead yourself to other things and just identify your goals. Then just target your goals and achieve it to grow your business.

  • Why be specific because today customers need quality and you can deliver it only when you are focused. The more you will be specific, the more you will develop your skills and that will make you professional.

Be active on Social Media

  • This is the platform where you can make connections with other people and professionals. Just join social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter etc. You can also use paid ad features of these platforms.

Offer free service

  • If possible then provide free service for few days to get noticed in the market. By this way, you can establish yourself in the market in no time. Also help others and promote your brand.

Don’t wait

  • After getting setup of your blog start your service and publish your articles. Don’t wait for a response, if you are doing great work then people will find you. There are numbers of tools available, so use them and connect with those who need your service.

This is the way you can market yourself online to get noticed by people. Just start to market and expand your business and skills. If you like this post then kindly share in your social circle and comment your views on this.

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Market yourself online in 5 unique ways Infographic

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  • October 10, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    Hi Jay

    How are you? This is so great and you highlighted great tips to market yourself online. Having a blog is a must as people decision has changed lately towards information. Helping out is another great way to market oneself.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care


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