Learn How to start a blog and basic requirements

As now you have learned about what is blog in our last article now we are providing you the details on how to start a blog and what are the basic requirements you need to start your own blog. This will help you to start your own blog site immediately.

As we know that blog is a web based platform where you can share your idea on any topic so our first basic requirement is Topic/ Subject.

How to start a blog and basic requirements

how to start a blog


Topic/ Subject

First of all choose any topic in which you are very good or you have mastery or deep knowledge about that, so you can provide details on that. This topic/ subject could be anything like Technology, Health tips, Business, Finance etc.

Title/ Name

Now according to your topic/ subject give a name to your blog and try to find domain name also related to that only. To find blog name/ title, first of all, find related keywords using Google keywords tool and then choose your title

NOTE: If possible then give first preference to .com domain name and if it is not available then it is OK to go with any

Blogging platform

If you are looking for the answer of How to create a blog free then, there are many blogging platforms available but most popular are Blogger and WordPress.


It is a Google owned set up where you can start your blog easily but just creating and Google account and if you have already then using it you can log in and start. After logging in you can use your domain name which you have bought or can register with free domain name i.e. yourblogname.blogspot.com

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It is same as blogger but you have to install it in your system. WordPress is widely used than Blogger because there are various facilities are available like themes, widgets, special tools, add-ons etc. More customization options are available with WordPress and that’s why this platform is being used widely. Same as blogger you have to create your account by registering your domain and also free domain name option is available i.e. yourblogname.wordpress.com

This is about free WordPress use but if you want to start professional site or blog then you can go with self-hosted WordPress option. For this option, you have to buy a domain and hosting at you own cost. To know more about self-hosted WordPress and free WordPress read this article.

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NOTE: Please make sure that if you use WordPress then install it properly otherwise it will not work properly, so better you first know how to install WordPress

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Your blog is created and all you have to do now is to start to publish your articles on related topics. In our next article we will guide you on choosing topics, so you can start a blog and get better traffic. One last thing is remained that you have to share your blog on social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Stumble upon etc.

If you face any problem, then kindly mention it in below comment section.


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