Learn How to Install WordPress using XAMPP

To start self hosted blog WordPress is best but don’t know how to use it then here you will find How to Install WordPress using XAMPP. As we told in our earlier article that WordPress is a web based platform and to run that you need basic requirements and from those one is hosting environment and such environment you can create using XAMPP.

There are various hosing provider companies and you have to select monthly/ yearly plan according to your need. But if you are a beginner on this blogging field and can’t afford such costly plans then you can also locally host your site using XAMPP. XAMPP provides you the basic platform to host your site in short it contains all those things which are necessary to host any site mainly the database (MySQL). So, here we are providing you the steps on How to Install WordPress on XAMPP and for that first of all you have to download and install XAMPP.

How to Install WordPress on XAMPP

how to install wordpress

Download and Install XAMPP

  • Go to official site and download latest version of XAMPP
  • Now start to install it by double clicking on it
  • If an message appear regarding to UAC then click on ok
  • In component choosing section you have to check all components
  • After finishing installation open main window of it
  • By clicking on start button you can active any service and for our use we need MySQL and Apache to be active

Now done with XAMPP and moving to WordPress

You can also install WordPress using C panel

Download and Install WordPress

  • Go to official site and download latest version of WordPress
  • It will be zip file, so extract it first to the folder called htdocs in C: under XAMPP folder
  • Give any name to that folder here we are taking it as WordPress
  • Now in your browser type localhost/xampp
  • On left side all options are given from which click on php my admin under tools tab
php my admin
php my admin
  • Here you have to create database, so click on database option given at top bar
  • Now write any name and click on create database option
create databse
create databse
  • After creating it on left panel you can see that database
  • Now make sure that XAMPP is running and both Apache and MySQL are in running mode
  • In your browser type localhost/wordpress (folder name)
  • First of all select language
  • Then on next step you have to provide database name, so write the name which you have created in XAMPP
  • Provide user name and password
  • In Database host option write local host
  • In last option you can write name of related blog topic and then submit it
  • Then you will be directed to next page where you can start installation by click on ‘Run the Install’
  • Provide all information appeared on screen
  • Make sure that here you provide username and password is your log in username and password for WordPress
  • WordPress is installed now and to log in type ‘localhost/wordpress/wp-admin’ in browser

Now you can start your blog and if you face any problem in this then kindly mention us in comment section below


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