Most of the bloggers are relying on the ad-revenue but what you can do if user is using Adblock? So, learn here how to detect Adblock users and what you can do for such users.

First of all we will see what is adblock? Adblock is a simple add-on of browsers which will block ads if there is any on the site. Now if you are a blogger and have ads on your site which is the main source of income for you then this is like bad dream for you. Use of adblock is increasing day by day, so how can you detect such users? and what can you do extra for such users?

How to Detect Adblock users?

How to Detect adblock users

There is a simple yet effective plugin called Ad Blocking Detector is available, so just install it and activate it. Using this plugin you can easily detect adblock users.

As now you have detected such users, so what you can do? There are three options for you.

  1. Do nothing and see the loss of revenue
  2. Block site for such users and show them message that ‘If you want to view this site then disable your adblock’. But this may create negative impression of your site.
  3. Last way is you can show request message instead of the place of ad like ‘Please disable your adblock’ or you can show the like or share button. This is effective option and you should try this.

Using this plugin you can place the request message and for that you have to configure this plugin. This plugin comes with great options and you can set it as you want.

This is how you can detect adblock users and can show some interesting messages instead. Subscribe with us to get more updates and share this with your friends also.

Learn How to Detect Adblock users in WordPress

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