Want to improve your social sharing especially on Twitter then you should add Twitter Cards in WordPress. After adding Twitter cards you will get rich experience of Tweets.

In general tweet when you post any link then it will not add any thumbnail like Facebook and G+. But after adding twitter cards you will get same experience. When you paste any link it will add a thumbnail, title and summary from that page. So, if you also want to add twitter cards in WordPress then follow this guidance prepared by How to Blog team.

How to add Twitter Cards in WordPress

How to add Twitter Cards in WordPress


Using SEO by Yoast Plugin

In this method you first need to Install WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. This plugin has built in facility of integrating Twitter card with your WordPress.

  • To add this card, just go to Social window of setting page of this plugin.
  • Here just check add twitter card meta data option.
  • Now from your dashboard under Users section open My Profile.
  • Here under Contact info one new field ‘Twitter username’ will be created, so fill this field with valid user name.
  • That’s it you have added Twitter cards in WordPress.

NOTE: If you are not using this plugin then through JetPack plugin also you can add Twitter card

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There is one another method of adding Twitter cards in WordPress and that is by coding. In this method you have to made some changes in header.php file. But that is not easy and there are chances of getting misplaced of code if you don’t know coding well. So, I would recommend install SEO by Yoast plugin and add Twitter card.

Final step

  • Now go to Twitter card validator page
  • Here enter your site’s URL and check whether card is working or not
  • Preview of card will be shown beside here
  • If card will be valid then you can submit your site and for that submit button will appear
  • After clicking on that you have to fill up some basic necessary details
  • Now you done with your adding twitter card in WordPress

NOTE: If you want to set twitter card with large image option then you have to set Featured Image in your blog post

Benefit of Twitter card

After adding Twitter card whenever you share any link on Twitter it will show image with summary just like as in Facebook. In this card with image and summary your User name will also be published. So if your tweet is shared by anyone else your original name or link will also be shared.

This is how you can add Twitter cards in WordPress and is very easy. We hope this will be helpful for you, if yes then kindly share it with others also and help us.

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