If you are a blogger and you don’t about Google Panda Penguin and Hummingbird Algorithms then it is better for you to leave this blogging field. I know these are harsh words, but it is true.

There are lots of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Aol but most of the bloggers follow the search rules of Google because it is used widely in the world. These rules are same for all whether it is small site/ blog or big giant company’s site/ business blog. Google search mainly works on algorithms which are designed by the company experts. All these algorithms updated regularly by the company and appearance of your site on Google search result is mainly depends on these algorithms. All these three are main algorithms of Google search and it will affect you if you don’t follow the rules set by Google.

Google algorithms

Now let’s under all these three briefly

Google Panda

  • Firstly released on February, 2011
  • Affected ‘low quality sites’ or having ‘thin content’ sites
  • Affected 12% of total direct traffic

This algorithm lowers the rank of those sites which have copy or spin content. With the help of this Google can distinguish between high and low quality sites. Till now total 27 numbers of time Panda is released and now it also affects who are using Affiliate Marketing

Google Penguin

  • Firstly released on April, 2012
  • Affected those who have used black hat SEO techniques and not followed Google’s webmaster guidelines
  • Affected 3.1% of total direct traffic

This algorithm lowers the rank of those sites which have unnatural link building, keyword stuffing and excessive keyword density. Till now lots of versions of Google Penguin are released and lots of changes are made to filter out such sites

Both of these algorithms are not directly related with Crawling and Indexing of pages, these helps to detect spam websites from already indexed pages

Google Hummingbird

  • Firstly appeared on August, 2013
  • This algorithm can’t really affect your site, but it can improvise your site rank

This is a major update for Google search and with this update Google has improved its ability to search any word. This update is about synonyms and judging the context means before this update Google focus only written search words but after this update Google analyzes each and every word of the sentence and also shows result of related words i.e. synonyms. So, if you set related keywords of your main topic then there are more chances of appearing your site on search result.

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Knowledge on Google Panda Penguin and Hummingbird Algorithms

2 thoughts on “Knowledge on Google Panda Penguin and Hummingbird Algorithms

  • April 4, 2016 at 3:11 pm


    Well, I have been trying out to understand Google Panda and Penguin, by reading more and more and this is helping me a lot. I know Google Panda is all about Quality Content.

    Although, It would take some time for me to understand, How to avoid any penalty from Google Penguin. It is bit complicated for me, they say, Only natural links are safe, but After reading articles, including this one, i get bit confused.

    Anyways, Will try experimenting a bit.

    • April 5, 2016 at 11:43 am

      Hello Reene,

      Natural links are always safe because through it Google bots identify that this site is trustworthy and it helps to rank more.


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