Have you updated your WordPress to latest version? If no then update it immediately. Latest version of WordPress is rolling now and everyone wants to know what is new in this version?

When WordPress was launched there were many issues regarding to security. Due to that reason it was less popular and only blogs were made on this platform. But then after WordPress was updated and most of the problems were solved. Then people have started to use WordPress for business sites also. Right now WordPress is very popular and mostly used based on CMS.

WordPress 4.2 features

Latest version WordPress 4.2 is recently launched by the officials and every WordPress users can see that notification on their dashboard. Update your WordPress to latest version and enjoy the new updates. But want to know what is updated in this new version then kindly go through this article.

WordPress 4.2 Features

Theme Customization

Till now to customize your theme you have to first activate it and then you can customize it, but in this latest version you can do this without activating the theme. Also you can switch theme in customization mode only.

Auto Embeds

Till now you can embed only You tube videos and Tweets by just pasting URLs. Now you can do the same things with Tumblr and Kickstarter also. Just paste the links and it will be embedded in post automatically.

New characters and Emoji

New WordPress will now support the Emoji and you can place it anywhere. Some new character support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean are added. New version will automatically switch utf-8 database to utf8mb4 and this will allow some musical and mathematically symbols.

Faster Plugin updates

After clicking on update plugin link one page is open and it shows progress of update. This is what done in old version and in new version just click on update link and within seconds update will be done. This will happen on the same page no other page will open.

Some more new things are introduced in this latest version and you can find them all from here.

More reasons Why you should update to WordPress 4.2

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Bug fixes
  • Features
  • Compatibility

So, what are you waiting for just update to WordPress 4.2 and enjoy it. Kindly share this with others and also let us know in comment section about this post.

Know what is updated in latest WordPress 4.2-Features

One thought on “Know what is updated in latest WordPress 4.2-Features

  • April 28, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    WordPress 4.2 nicknamed Powel is all about better efficiency and communication.
    I say this because, updating plugins doesn’t load another screen and themes can be changed in the Customizer with instant preview.
    Also support for Emoji means we can write more posts that are fun and humorous. The final version of WP 4.2 has better character support too, now native Chinese users can use WordPress to build their sites and blogs.
    The Press This functionality has improved that fetches the title, images, videos etc. easily from the page you are on and post it right on your blog.
    Read the detailed review here: http://www.cloudways.com/blog/wordpress-4-2-powell-features-review/


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