Running a blog or website and need organic traffic then your site must get listed into SERP. But don’t know how website get listed into SERP? Don’t worry and just go through this post.

Whenever we want to know something we Google it and then it will show some results. But have you ever tried to think how Google fetches these results based on your query i.e. searching words? No? Then think because it can help you to rank your site also in SERP, if you own one. There are many sites available in web for any one specific topic and Google will find it and display in order. This is possible with the help of Google search engine algorithms. They will search index to show the most relevant result, same like we find some topic from very large book by using index of it. Every search engines follows the same procedure to display search result and these are the steps they follow.

Know how website get listed into SERP

How website get listed into SERP


This is the process of searching for all latest content and updates in all web pages and then adding all of them to Google Index. Web crawlers or Web spiders performs this task. Daily lots of pages are crawled by these spiders and how many pages to be crawled from any one site is decided by the algorithms.


It means syncing contents of a website. To get index in search engine all site owners should take care of SEO. Because search engines, process the key content tags like Title, Meta Description, Meta tag and ALT tags. So, you have to choose perfect keyword for your site.

Some factors are listed here which help to index faster

  • Update the website regularly
  • PageRank
  • Domain Authority
  • Backlink
  • Maintain frequency and regular internal between each update for better crawling

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Final result

After leaving a query, search bots will search for index and checks relevant content and will show result. Relevancy of content depends on various factors like page rank, SEO and backlinks

You can know where your website is ranking in SERP using Google webmaster tool. So this is how website get listed into SERP and I think now you come to know what factors you should consider for better SERP rank. Subscribe with us to get more updates and also share this info with your friends also.

Know how website get listed into SERP

One thought on “Know how website get listed into SERP

  • May 30, 2015 at 8:08 pm

    Hello Jay !

    Updating website regularly is an awesome way to get into serps . It shows the search engines that the website is genuine and authoritative . It makes our website search engine friendly .

    Posts should also be interlinked . The better the internal linking , the better it will rank . This is one of the biggest factor due to which wikipedia dominates the search engine .

    Also , internal linking is also a great way to provide dofollow backlinks to your posts as internal links are also a backlinks . Thus the posts appear higher in the search engines .

    Nice article ! Loved Reading It !

    happu blogging !

    your Friend !
    Nikhil !


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