Want to gain more traffic by using just your old blog posts then you must recycle it first. So, here we How to Blog team has tried to guide you here on how you can recycle old blog posts.

How you can recycle old blog posts

I am sure that all of you are doing hard work to write great content for your blog. So, you must utilize it fully to get traffic. What most of the bloggers do is, after publishing any new post they will busy with another new post. Here they all are making a mistake because if you have done had work on content then why to use only once? Here we have discussed that Why you should edit your old blog posts? And now we are going to tell you how you can edit or recycle old blog posts?

How you can recycle old blog posts


  • First find the post which was ranked high when it was published. Then you have to edit it means add more details. Now just change the post date and update it but make sure that you don’t change the date to future date otherwise it will create a problem of 404 error. Another way is re-share your old blog posts on your social media connection but with changes.

NOTE: Make sure that you don’t change the permalink of the post


  • This is the best and popular way to make rank your old blog posts. Put the link of old blog posts in your new posts, so the visitor can get an idea about it. But put the only related topic link, so the visitor will spend more time on your blog and it will help you to reduce bounce rate.

Show Related posts

  • At the end of each post show related posts on your blog. For that, there are various plugins available and you can see here 5 Best related posts WordPress plugins. Show related posts with thumbnail because it is very attractive and the visitor will surely go with that link.

Roundup post

  • Roundup post means cover up all high-ranked posts in one post and make this roundup post after every month. For such posts add no index but a do-follow tag.

This is how you can recycle old blog posts and can make them rank again. Follow this guidance and I am sure that you will get the benefit of it. If you find this post helpful then kindly share it in your social circle and help us.

How you can recycle old blog posts to rank again

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