Every new bloggers have to do SEO for their blog and this is how you can do best SEO practice for your blog.

If you want good traffic and looking for the long term blog then you should do SEO. Good SEO keeps your blog safe from all Google Algorithm updates and helps to rank higher on SERP. If you have just started your blog and want to start good SEO practice then this post may help you. Here we are going to tell you that how you can do best SEO practice that can be very helpful for your new blog. If you follow this practice from starting then it will give you best result.

Best SEO practice

Best SEO practice

Submit sitemap

It is very important that you should have Google webmaster (now Search Console) and Bing webmaster account. And you must submit XML sitemap file which can be generated by using various plugins of WordPress. From webmaster account you can get all data about your blog.

Link building

This is very important step and you must deal wisely with this. Link building seems easy but it’s not because you have to get high PR backlinks from same niche blog. Also you have to do guest posting and have to submit links in good directories like MOZ.

Keyword Research

Before writing any blog post first do keyword research because without it you will not be able to find out what people are searching more. If you set proper keyword then only you will get traffic from search engine. You can use Google keyword tool for keyword research.


You must write unique content and that should contain your main keyword. Content is most important for any blog, so you should take good care of it. Don’t copy but write your unique content. Also you should take care of On page SEO things while writing post.

Meta description

Meta description plays an important role to get listed your site in SERP, so this should also contain your keyword. Be careful your meta description should not be more than 150 characters.

Eliminate pages

Remove unwanted pages from your site and also remove it from webmaster also. In webmaster remove link option is given, so using that you can remove unwanted pages and links from your blog.

With all these you should have some patience because it will take time to rank your blog in SERP. But don’t loose your hope and keep updating your blog. So this is all you can do for best SEO practice. If this is helpful for you then subscribe with us and get all latest updates. If you know more about this topic then kindly comment us.

How you can do best SEO practice for your blog

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