Redirect plays an important role to increase traffic and it is a very important part of blogging. You also want to set up Redirect in WordPress blog but don’t know how to then don’t worry we are going to let you know hot to set it up.

Before we start we are going to tell you that What is redirect and why we need it?

Set up 301 redirects

What and Why

Redirect is nothing but you are redirecting your visitors from one link to another. Sometimes in Google webmaster tool you will find crawl error like page not found that is called 301 redirect error. This type of error is bad for crawling your site and you need to provide solution for that. Now here we have to set up redirect which will redirect visitor to new page which is set by you with quick message that the page you are looking for is not available or removed.


When you remove any page or change permalink at that time you have to set up redirect. If you don’t do this then it will show error of 404 not found and this type of error can harm your site’s ranking and also create a negative side about your site in visitors’ mind.

How to set up Redirects in WordPress blog

This can be done by using simple WordPress plugins which are available free in WordPress store. So, now we will see these plugins which can help you to set up redirect


This is a very simple yet useful plugin to redirect visitors. Just install this plugin and set the redirect link. This plugin is also useful to find 404 errors on your site, so find it and redirect it

Page Links to

When you want to add any extra URL on any page means you want to redirect visitors from one opened page to another at that time this plugin is useful. You can add text link and when any user will click on it he/ she will be redirected to new link

Simple 301 redirects

This plugin is very easy to use; just add one link from where you want to redirect and then add another link where you want to redirect the visitors

301 Redirects using .htaccess

Plugins are good to use but sometime it will create delay of few microseconds to redirect, based on your hosting provider. At that time you can simply use this .htaccess code to redirect or to set up redirect. You can find this .htaccess file on your root directory, so just edit is and paste below given code at end

RewriteEngine On
Redirect 301 /a-very-old-post/

Replace with your site’s name and it is ready to redirect

This is how you can set up redirect in WordPress blog and if this is helpful for you then kindly share it with others and also let us in comment section.

How to set up Redirects in WordPress blog

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