Got enough experience of WordPress platform by using and now want to move on to But don’t know how then get idea from here.

As we had already discussed the difference between and, we will move on to the main topic. It is obvious that you want to use more themes, plugins and want to monetize your site and that’s why you want to migrate. So, let’s understand how you can move your site from to

Before you start the process you must have custom domain name and hosting. After getting both you have to install WordPress on that hosting and you must know How to Install WordPress?

How to move site from to

How to move site from How to move site from to

Step 1

Login to your account dashboard. From tools menu click on Export option. Now from opened page you have to select free option. Now you will asked which data you want to export and here you have to select ‘All Content’ option. Then click on Download Export file button and XML file will be downloaded.

Step 2

Open your dashboard and from Tools menu open Import option. Now click on WordPress and you will be asked to download WordPress Importer plugin, so download it, install it and activate it. As soon as you will run this plugin, you will see the screen where the import option is given. Here you have to import the file which you had downloaded in step 1.

Step 3

If you were using Links feature on your blog then you have to export and import those links. If you were not using then you can skip this step.

To get link list open this address

Replace example with your site name and if you are using custom domain then use this address

Replace with your real site name

Press ‘ctrl+s’ and save this link page. It will be saved as XML file.

Now in your account you have to install one more plugin called Link Manager. After activating this plugin you will find new options in admin bar called ‘Links’

Again go to Tools and select Import option from there. Now click on Blogroll option and import the links which you had downloaded.

Now you done with moving process and your site is successfully moved from to

Step 4

As your site is moved, when your old visitors will come to your site they will find nothing and you will loose traffic. So, here you have to set 301 redirect and they will be redirected to your new site.

By following these easy steps you can easily move your site from to If you get any problem then you can mention us through comment. Kindly share this with others also.

How to move site from to

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    Nice Blog iNdeed
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    Tell me something about SEO copyrighting. I’ll like if you write something about it.

    • June 1, 2015 at 4:17 pm

      Thanks Vashishtha, very soon i will write on that also


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