You are a blogger and you are just updating new blog post every day without taking care of your old blog posts then you are making high mistake. With new articles you must give enough time on your old posts to make rank those good enough and by doing so you can increase your ranking easily. So here we are going to discuss the ways to make rank again your old blog post.

Most of the bloggers update their blogs every day with some posts which are written with all details and with On page SEO guidelines. These posts rank well and they bought good traffic on your blog and then after some time (most probably 1 week) same post will not rank higher and you also forget it because you are busy with new posts. Now my point is if you had made hard work on each post to write it then how you can forget it easily. So, if you want to make rank again your old blog posts then here are some tips to do that.

Google SERP ranking


  • This one is the most effective way to drive traffic on old posts and it works very well. Provide links of old posts in newly published posts with good anchor text, so visitor go to old posts.


  • Re-share your old blog posts on social media if you have good followers, it will automatically increase traffic on your site. This method is very easy and it gives instant result.

Widgets/ plug-in

  • There are some plug-ins available on web which shows ‘Related posts’ at the bottom of your every web page, so users come to know about it and visit your old posts.

Update your blog

  • Whenever you get time then update your old blog post by putting interlinks or update some details and also update key words

Guest post links/ backlinks

  • Put your some old and good posts on guest blogging platform and drive link to your blog or while putting backlinks use link of old posts instead of your main domain only

These are the simple ways to rank again your old blog posts and also very effective. If you find this one effective then let us know in comment section and share to others.

How to make rank again your old blog post

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