Due to continuing update in Google’s search algorithms, your website ranking in SERP for the same keyword is changed continuously. So, if you have a question that where is my website ranking in Google SERP then here we How to Blog team has provided the answer of same.Website ranking in Google SERP

Your site continuously gets fluctuated in SERP and this fluctuation depends on the Google algorithms. For example for any particular keyword your site is appearing 5th in the SERP now and after few hours or one day for the same keyword your site is appearing at 10th position. This fluctuation depends on Google’s search algorithms. This change also depends on the location; means your website ranking is different in India, in Canada and in USA.

Due to these variations you always want to know that where is my website ranking in Google SERP and to know that you use various online tools. There is no need to use such type of tools as Google is showing you this list on its tool and that is Webmaster tool which is now known as Search Console. Only a few know that a Google webmaster tool has this feature and user can easily check these details. If you also want to know that then here we are going to tell you how?

How to know where is my website Ranking in Google SERP?

  • Open your webmaster tools and log in
  • Now open site which you have added
  • From left side menu, click on Search Traffic -> Search Queries
  • You will see following page

Search query

  • Here use filter and set it as WEB and then location for which you want to see
  • Set the date margin (keep it low to know specific data)
  • Appeared graph will tell the details about traffic and SERP rank of your site

Below the graph some data is given and we will understand what these data is all about

  • Queries: It tells for which keyword your site is appearing on SERP
  • Impressions: It is numbered of times your site appeared in SERP for that keyword
  • Clicks: It is numbers of time visitors had clicked on your site
  • CTR: It is numbered of (clicks/impressions)*100
  • Average position: This shows the average position of your site in SERP for that particular site and through this you can know where your site is ranking in Google SERP

You can also download these details and it can show data of last 3 months, so download data after every 3 months.

This is how you can check ranking of your site using Webmaster tool. I hope this will be helpful for you and if it does then kindly share this in your social circle.

How to know where my Website ranking in Google SERP

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