Here we are going to understand that how to install WordPress using C panel in easy steps, so just follow all given steps and WordPress is installed on your site.

Earlier we have discussed about installing WordPress using XAMPP which is also one type to install WordPress and in this case your computer becomes host. While in this type third party provides you the hosting service and using that you have to install WordPress. So, let’s start to install it using C panel.

Install WordPress using C panel

  • Go to and download latest version of WordPress
  • Now log in to your c panel
  • Under file tab, file manager option is given, click on it
  • Select option web root and click on go which will open new window
wordpress install using c panel
File Manager
  • From left side appeared options click on Public HTML
  • Here upload downloaded WordPress zip file using upload option given at top bar of the page
  • After completion of uploading, click on back to /home link
wordpress install using c panel
Upload file
  • WordPress folder will appear here, select it and extract it using extract option given at top bar and then delete zip file
wordpress install using c panel
Extract file
  • Now open that folder, select all files and click on copy option from top bar
  • One window will appear which shows where you have to copy these files
  • At bottom of this window /public_html/wordpress is written, so remove /wordpress and make it just /public_html
wordpress install using c panel
Copy file
  • Open public_html from left side panel and delete wordpress folder
  • Now back to C panel home page
  • From databases tab open My SQL databases and here you have to create new database
  • So, write any name and click on create database option
wordpress install using c panel
Create Database
  • Then go back and create user for this database, so fill details of user name and password and click on create user
  • Again go back and add this user to your created database and for that select database and user then click on add button
wordpress install using c panel
Create user and add to database
  • From appeared new window check ALL PRIVILEGES and click on make changes
wordpress install using c panel
All Privileges
  • Now open your web site i.e.
  • Go further by clicking on create a configuration file and then let’s go
  • Enter database name here which you have created in C panel (write whole name i.e. sitename_database name)
  • Then user name which you have added in this database in C panel (write whole name i.e. sitename_user name)
  • Database host must be localhost, so no change further and submit it
  • Now run the install and fill up all basic details of your site
  • Hurray you have installed wordpress successfully and to open your dash board control type
  • Login with your set user name and password

These are the steps to install WordPress using C panel, so follow all and if you stop anywhere and face problem then kindly let us know in comment section below.

How to install WordPress using C panel

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