For bloggers, Comment section is very important because they come know what visitors are feeling about their blog. But one major problem they face is spam comments which are not good for their blog. So, here we How to Blog team has provided the Complete guide on How to get rid of Spam Comments.

Why should you get rid of Spam Comments?

Comments are good for you and for visitors as well. It is the conversation between you and your visitors. Search engine bots will also crawl you comments and if there is a lot of spam then your site may lose rank. So this is the main reason why you should remove spam comments and second to keep a clear conversation between you and visitors this is important.

How can you find spam comment?How to get rid of Spam Comments

We all are aware of spam email and these emails are trying to sell something with lots of links. Same thing happens here in the comment section. People put lots of links in comments and all these links point to some spammy sites. Most of these links are put by the bots and you can easily find it if it has any of the following attributes.

Keyword phrases instead of a real name in the Name field

Spammy looking URL in the URL field

Lots of links in the body of the comment

Comment about something unrelated to the topic

Comment in a different language

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Login to your WordPress dashboard and here in Setting options Discussion option is given open it. From here you can control spam comments.

Default Article Setting

  • From here you can set the option of comment, means whether people can comment or not. This you can set post by post. Also, you can allow trackbacks and pingback option.

Other Comment Setting

  • Check the option to make sure that ‘Comment author must fill out Name and email section’. More you can secure your comment section by allowing users to register with your site first and then only they can comment and for that check ‘Users must be registered and logged in to comment’. You can also close comment option for older posts. You can also set the days and after that no one can comment on the post which older than set days.

Comment Blacklist

  • Like a phone number, you can also block comments with specific words, names, email or IP addresses or URL. Just put any of these here to block comment from them.

With upgradation of technology and hacking skills, spam comment method is also improved and people are making spam comments using some other methods. So, to detect such spam comments you can use plugins which are available. Here is the list of some most used WordPress anti-spam plugins.

  • Akismet (Recommended)
  • SI CAPTCHA Anti-spam
  • Captcha by BestWebSoft
  • Spam Free WordPress
  • Conditional Captcha

By using these plugins you can easily get rid of Spam Comments and you will feel relax.

Bonus Tips

You are using any plugin to stop spam comments then it’s good. But I would like to tell that it is good practice to check spam folder personally every day because there are chances that sometimes a real comment is also get blocked. The same situation can happen in a real comment section that spam comment get approved by the plugin, so check that section also.


To stop spam comments, some bloggers are using alternatives of WordPress comments. There are various alternatives available, but you can try these because they are widely used by the bloggers. Using these alternatives you can easily get rid of Spam comments.

  • Disqus
  • Livefyre
  • Facebook or g+ comments
  • CommentLuv
Wrapping up

So, this is all about how to get rid of Spam Comments and using these tips you can surely control spam comments. If you think this helpful for you then kindly share it in your social circle and help us. You can also subscribe with us to get all the latest updates.

Complete guide on How to get rid of Spam Comments

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