Everyone likes comments on their post, but not all comments are as good, some are spam and you must know How to get protection from Spam comments on WordPress.

If you get praise for your work then that is your honor and who does not like it? I think everyone does. Same thing can happen with you when any visitor praises your article or content and this is done through comment. Visitors share their experience in comment section and every active blogger should refer comments. But not all comments are from visitors,  some of them are spams which are dangerous to your site performance. If your blog is new means you just have started, at that time there are not much comments but after that when your blog became popular at that time you face problem about this spam comments and you must protect your blog from that.

Spam comments

To protect your blog you can either use Aksimet or Disqus comment plug-in which helps you to protect from spam. These both plug-ins are easy to use and provide great result. Now here we see both of them briefly.


  • This plug-in helps you to find spam comments and you can easily delete it
  • When any visitor comment it is not appeared directly on post, it first check whether it is spam or not
  • If it is spam then it will filter it out and you can see that on your dashboard in comment section
  • If it is not spam then also it will not directly appear on post
  • You have to approve it and then it will appear
  • Apart from this Aksimet also checks site’s performance by various factors


  • This plug-in is special for comment part of your blog and it gives good comment experience
  • To use this plug-in first you have to register your site on official site of disqus
  • Then install this plug-in on your dashboard and enjoy it
  • If you are receiving more than 100 comments on every post then use this
  • This plug-in is getting very popular now a days

Both these plug-ins are useful and apart from these use of plug-ins, simply change some setting on your WordPress dash board and that is block comments for older posts (older than 180 days).

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How to get protection from Spam comments on WordPress

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