Want to earn money and that is only using Social Media then I am here to help you with that.

Now a days making money is not such big deal if you have some unique to show others. Social media is the best platform to show your some special talent and creativity and through that you can easily make money.

So if you have some special creative idea and ability to do something new then here are the few ways through which you can easily make decent money by sharing it on social media.

How do you make Money with Social Media

How do you make Money with Social Media

Writing jobs

If you can write some decent content on any specific topic or can write fictional stories then you can get writing job. In Facebook and LinkedIn there are various groups related to this, so join such groups. Contact the person who needs such writing and mail them your writing.

Images and photos

If you have special skill in art and drawing or have passion of photography then open online Instagram shop. Here you can share your work and can sell your paints. Also you can sell photos and there are chances to get hired by someone. Pinterest is the second option to post images and photos.


Make YouTube channel and upload there your creative videos. Right now some hot trending topics of videos are Prank, Movie review, Short films with social message and Comedy or Funny humor videos. If you have great sense of humor then you can make funny and prank videos. If you also can make such videos then through Google Adsense you can earn money.

NOTE: For all such items you should have your own copy right, don’t post others work

For all these you need to be creative and unique that is the only requirement. You can use all social media positively if you want to, so use all such platforms as your earning resource.

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How do you make Money with Social Media

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