Handling a blog and worried about site ranking then Alexa ranking can help you. By improving it you can get better performance of your site, so here we How to Blog team will provide all details on How to improve Alexa ranking ?

What is Alexa Ranking and how it works?

  • Before we start you should first know that what is Alexa ranking? It is nothing but a rank given to your site by Alexa company which is owned by the Amazon and this ranking is based on your traffic and regular update of site.
  • So, we can say that Alexa rank defines your site’s reputation. The lesser the rank the higher reputation of your site, so everyone tries to down their Alexa rank as possible as they can. Here keep one thing in mind that boost Alexa rank does mean that increase in numbers of rank but decrease in numbers.

Improve Alexa ranking

How to improve Alexa ranking quickly?

  • This ranking mainly depends on how many hits your site get means daily visitors and how much time they spent on your site? One other factor is that it also counts visitors who have installed Alexa toolbar, it ranks your site by a number of hits passed with this toolbar installed by many of blogger.
  • This ranking helps you to make a brand blog and you can know how much worth your blog/ site is? So, now we will learn how to improve Alexa ranking?

Install Alexa Toolbar

  • After registering your site with Alexa, your next step should install the toolbar. Through this toolbar, you can easily get all updates from Alexa and also you can see that your rank is decreased.

Claim your site

  • Soon after registering your site, you must claim your site with simple method of it

Regular posting

  • This factor affects more to decrease Alexa ranking. You must publish daily 1-2 posts at regular time, so when user can come to your site then they can find something new to read and spend more time

Put Alexa widget

  • Put one small Alexa widget on a sidebar or at the footer of your page. This widget shows you ranking factor and also backlinks. So, by using this you are providing more backlinks to Alexa which helps to decrease the rank faster

Sharing to social platforms

  • You have to be active on social media because by sharing your posts on various social media platforms you can easily get organic traffic, so keep sharing

Be commentators

  • Means comment on other’s blogs and get traffic from there and also you can get backlinks

These are the basic required steps to improve Alexa ranking of your site, so follow these and decrease your Alexa rank. Kindly share in your social circles and if you have any doubt then mention it in comment section.

How to improve Alexa ranking quickly

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