Want to start a blog but don’t know how to start it? Then don’t you worry and just refer this whole article which will help you to start your blog.

If you search on net ‘How to start a blog’ then you will get plenty of results. At the same time you will get confused also as all are saying different things to do. Here what am I going to tell you on this topic is my personal experience, so you will get clear cut idea. So, let’s start.

How to start a Successful Blog

There are various reasons why people want to start a blog. Someone wants to start for business development, some for personal sharing (like celebrity) and some to earn money (like me). Yes, you can earn money also with your blog. Whatever the reason is but to start a successful blog you require following basic things.

  1. Blogging platform
  2. Self/ free hosting and Custom/ free domain
  3. Set up of blog (if it is self hosting with custom domain)
  4. Design of your blog

That’s it and now we see all of them one by one

How to start a Blog

Blogging platform

There are various blogging platforms are available right now and from them WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and Joomla are most popular. If you are beginner and have no idea about these then start with WordPress or Blogger while others can refer alternatives of WordPress.

Self/ free hosting and Custom/ free domain

First of all I would like to tell what is hosting? Hosting is nothing but a base on while your blog will be set up, so your blog will be live on WWW. You can choose either Self or Free hosting for you blog and same with domain name also.

Free domain:

  • Your free domains will look like these yoursite.worepress.com, yoursite.blogspot.com or yoursite.tumblr.com and this will look ugly

Free Hosting:

  • There are some limits with free hosting, so choose this option only if you want to start your personal blog.

I recommend that choose Self hosting with Custom domain for your blog because it will give you more options to run your blog simply.

Caution: If you want to start with Self hosting then choose wisely your hosting provider. Because it is the hosting that will help your site to be live on Web. There are some famous names of hosting provider like Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy and various others, so choose such reputed hosting providers.

Set Up of Blog

If you choose Self hosting with custom domain with WordPress then you need to install it. You can install this WordPress in two ways

Design of your blog

After installing WordPress you need to choose specific theme according to your topic and then you have to install WordPress theme. You will also need some WordPress plugins. If you are using Blogger then you can choose ready-made templates for your blog which are built in or you can use others also by just uploading it.

So, this is how you can start a successful blog and for more details refer this site and you will get enough guidance. Please share this with your friends and also let us know through comments.

Guide for beginners on How to Start a Successful Blog

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