To get more traffic on your blog you firstly need to know that how to promote your blog and where to share your blog post because it is very important. There are various places where you can share your post but not all are effective, so you must know that where you can share your posts.

To get easy organic traffic on your blog, you must have some good social connection where you can share your blog posts. By sharing your posts to social platform you can easily get response and if people will like your content then they will follow you regularly, so automatically you will get high traffic. One more benefit from this is that if people will like then they will also share on their wall, so their connections will also read your post. So, chain by chain you will get response easily and your blog will become popular. There are various platforms and here we have listed some of them which are effective.

Where to promote/ share your blogpost

where to share

Facebook page

Here I have mentioned page because if you share on your wall then it is limited for your friends only where as page is open for all people who are on facebook platform. Also share your page to related groups of facebook and from there you can get more numbers of followers.

Google+ page & community

Now a days Google+ is getting more popular and also it is providing good platform to grow your business. So, make your Google+ page and also make community or join the related community and keep sharing at there.


It is a best place to share images, so if you are using some quality images on your blog then use this platform because it is very popular

Email subscribe

This is must have sharing feature on your blog. Provide email subscribe facility on your blog and tell people to subscribe this, so they can all updates via mail. Email subscribe via Feed burner is the best known option for this

Create your account and share your posts here using categories related to your blog post. Here you can curate other blog content also to make your topic page more interesting


It is one more sharing platform where you can share all things and can give related tags also with short description, so use this also. If you are targeting readers of USA, Canada and UK then this is best platform for sharing

Guidance on where to promote your blog

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