Running a business website or blog and want to get your Website ranked in Search Engines then we as How to Blog team will help you here.

If you are running a blog and that is the only source of income for you then you badly need traffic on your site. Whether you choose any source for income like Google Adsense or Affiliate Market or any other Alternatives of Adsense, you must need is traffic. By two ways you get major traffic one is referral like social sharing and guest posting and other is direct. To get direct i.e. organic traffic, your site must be ranked in Search Engines. So here we are going to tell you what you require to get your Website ranked in Search Engines.

Get your Website ranked in Search Engines

Get your Website ranked in Search Engines


To get better ranking in SERP, you must have quality content because as per latest scenario content of your site plays an important role to get high PR which ultimately helps you to rank better. Good content helps to engage with your readers. If you are writing any niche blog then publish only related posts don’t mix up otherwise it will create a bad impression. One major factor that can affect if you publish poor or low-quality content is Google Panda.

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Keyword and related phrase

The keyword is most important for any blog post you publish on your blog. So, choose a perfect keyword for any post and it should not be repeated more than 4-5 time if you are writing 550-600 words article. If you want to repeat keywords then use related phrases of your main keyword. To use related phrases is best practice for Good SEO.

SEO and Social Media

As we know that SEO is necessary and must, both On page and Off page SEO matters. Use only White hat techniques for SEO because it will help you for a long time. Black hat SEO gives you only temporary result.

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Clean code

Simple page structure is more preferred by search engines compare to more graphical elements like JS and CMS. So better to keep the simple page as, it helps to crawl search engine spiders easily on your site.


As time changes, SEO techniques are also changes. Interlinking is the best practice for your blog. We here also use it and we are getting a positive result of it. Also, show related posts after ending of the post as we have seen here.

These are the essential things you required to get your Website ranked in Search Engines. We hope that this is helpful for you and if yes then kindly share it with others also. You can also comment us your views on this.

Essential things to get your Website ranked in Search Engines

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