Worrying about traffic on your blog then you must learn how to promote your blog to get genuine traffic. There are various ways of doing this and here we discuss not all of them but only those which are very effective so kindly go through below article and know more about this.

If you own a blog then your first problem must be the traffic because more traffic on your blog more benefit you will get. To get more visitors or increase visitors on your blog you must have to promote your blog in various ways, so people can know more about your blog and visit your blog. There are various ways and here we are going to discuss all beneficial ways one by one.

How to promote your blog

How to promote your blog

Be social

One of the easiest and yet effective way is make your blog social connected. Right now all people are connected with each other through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and various others. So what you have to do is promote/ share your blog on this platform and get visitors directly.

Blog feed is the best feed

Make your blog feed able means make available site feed options to your viewers. Once they subscribe site feed then they all will get notification about all updates of your blog and to know that they will visit your blog

Be regular

Update new posts everyday, so when visitors revisit your blog, they can find new updates and will spend time to know all those updates and which is very important

Content friendly

When anyone visits your blog then you must have something new or extraordinary so visitor is impressed and revisit your blog and that is content. It is main factor to increase traffic, so you must have some unique topics and elaborate that in such a way so visitor get impressed

NOTE: Put images and related videos in your content where required, but be careful and avoid too much images and videos in one article

SEO friendly

SEO is the key factor to get traffic, so do SEO of your blog and get visitors. Know more about this

Be responsive blog owner

There is a comment section in your blog where visitors some times put their problem about related article, so answer those queries which will help you and that visitor both


There are various blog search sites and directories, so submit your blog content at those sites and get genuine traffic

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These are the most useful ways about promoting blog, so follow it and if you face any problem then let us know in comment section below.

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