Still confused about blog topic then find Blog topics using Google keywords tool which shows you may options about the topic with previous year/month searches. Don’t know how to use that tool then don’t worry here below we have provided details about that, so go through it.

If you are making blog just for fun then you can start on any topic but if you want to make your blog traffic worthy and want to earn from it (Yes! you read right EARN, you can earn as well from blog) then you have to choose topic very seriously, means you have to research that what is trending and on what topic most people are searching? All these things matter a lot to create traffic on your site, so first of all, do your research work using various tools.

If you search on the web then you can find various tools but from all of these, I suggest you go with Google Adwords keyword tool. This is a tool from Google and using it you can perfectly find out that which topic was searched most on the web on a monthly basis.

How to use Google keywords tool to Find Blog Topics

find blog topics

  • First of all, open
  • Now log in with your google account
  • Here search topic on which you want to make your blog
  • It will show you the figure of how many times this keyword is searched for past 12 months
  • It will also show you the related keywords also and you can download that file in CSV format
  • Now from those choose any one keyword which has medium competition, no high and no low
  • According to your chosen keyword try to get the same domain name also i.e. if your keyword is ‘life insurance’ then get domain name as or or

The main reason behind using this tool is, here various filters and options are provided which are very helpful for users to get clear ideas about the blog topics. Like if you want to know that how many times your keyword was searched in the specific country, then you can set that particular country and also set the time period. Traffic forecast option for any keyword is also available, so you can easily get the idea and this option makes this tool special above all tools.

Now you have done with the topic name, so find any interested areas of your and get keyword related to it using this Google Adwords keyword tool. If you have any query then let us know in below comment section.

Find Blog topics using Google keywords tool

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