Learn how to export Commenter Email addresses from WordPress Blog

Want to do good email marketing and want to increase your loyal visitors then you need a good list of emails. If you have more subscribers then only you can do email marketing. So, here we How to Blog team will tell you from where you can get a list of email addresses?Export Commenter email addresses from wordpress

If you are running a good blog and want to increase more visitors then you can use email marketing tools. When any visitor subscribes with your blog then only you can get the email address and through that only you can market your blog. There are various tools for email marketing. But if you had not used such tools before and now want to use then just install such tool and get email list. Such list of email ids you can get from comments also and for that you have to note down all mail ids from comments. This is boring work because there are lots of comments in a blog. But you still want those email ids list then follow given tips.

How to export Commenter Email addresses from WordPress Blog

There is a simple plugin called Commenter Emails download it and install it. This plugin allows you to export all ids from your blog. Through this plugin, you can simply do

  • Export all approved commenter email lists in .csv format
  • Optionally include commenter’s Website URL
  • Remove duplicate email addresses automatically

You can save this list in .csv file and can use it for email marketing. How? Read further.

1. All email marketing tools like Aweber have an option of uploading such file. So you can upload this file and get the list of email ids which will be managed by that tool. So by this way you can do marketing to more people about your blog or product.

2. There is another use of this email list. In facebook, there is one feature that you can target any ad to any people. So, if you have an ad on facebook then you can target your ad to these email id users. By this way, you can get more traffic from targeted people. For this, you have to ‘Create new custom audience’ option and then upload this .csv file.

So this is how you can Export Commenter email addresses from WordPress blog. If this is helpful for you then share with others also and to get more stuff like this subscribe with us. If you know more ways to market your blog or product using email ids then kindly let us know in comment section.


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