The speed of your site matters a lot to gain more traffic and also for high ranking in search engine list. If you are facing a problem of slow speed site then you must solve it as soon as possible. For that here we How to Blog team has made some guiding points on How to speed up WordPress site which you can refer for the best result.How to speed up WordPress site

When any visitor opens your site and if your site will take a long time to load then it will create a negative impression. Slow speed also affects the ranking in the search result and that will directly affect your traffic. So if you are facing this problem then here is the solution of it.

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  1. Choose good framework/ theme
  2. Use of effective caching plugin
  3. Use of Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  4. Optimize Image
  5. Optimize Homepage
  6. Optimize WP database
  7. Replace PHP with static HTML

These are the solutions you can follow to Speed up your WordPress site and now we will understand all these points one by one.

Choose good framework/ theme

  • Choose such theme which has a good framework and take less time to load. Basic themes like twenty thirteen, twenty fourteen and twenty fifteen are very effective. Apart from these Thesis themes and Genesis Child Themes are very good.

Use of effective caching plugin

  • To use the caching plugin is very good practice because it decreases site load time. W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache are best plugins to use as a result of both is very effective. This will boost up your site speed and your WordPress site will speed up.

Use of Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  • CDN takes all static files like CSS, Javascript and Images which are on your site and lets visitors download such files very quickly by serving all such files on servers.

Optimize Image

  • If you are using more images on your site then you should optimize your images for fast loading of an image. There is one special plugin developed by Yahoo called helps to optimize images, so use it.

Optimize Homepage

  • This is the page where most of the visitors lands on your site, so it must be quick. To do so you have to take care following things

Remove unnecessary sharing widgets

Remove inactive plugins and widgets

Show excerpts post instead of full posts

Show only 5-6 posts on one page

Optimize WP database

  • To optimize your database use WP-Optimize or WP-DB Manager plugin that will help to boost up the speed of a page. After using this plugin, you will definitely feel the boost up in your site speed.

Replace PHP with static HTML

  • More use of CSS, Javascript and PHP slow your site, so you should use static HTML instead of PHP if required, so you can easily cut down the load time

So, these are the tips on How to speed up WordPress site, so follow these for the best result. Subscribe with us for more such tips and also share this with your friends.

Easy ways on how to speed up WordPress site

3 thoughts on “Easy ways on how to speed up WordPress site

  • May 12, 2015 at 1:49 am

    Indeed they are great tips.

    May a suggest minimizing http requests is also very important to speed up wordpress sites. This is done by reducing the resource file’s size and also combine external files so the the client doesnt have to make multiple requests. This includes techniques like minify css and javascript, combine external files and compress them and make javascript files load asynchronously. JCH Optimizeis a wordpress plugin that makes these processes easy for you. It does other performance optimizations that you can check out on the site.

    • May 14, 2015 at 11:55 am

      Thanks Kenny for your valuable tip


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