New in SEO field and want to know some basics about it then here is the SEO beginners Guide 2015. This guide is prepared by How to Blog team and can help you to start to do SEO of your site by your own. what is SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method to bring your site in search engine organic result. There are various parts of your content which you have to look after for better SEO and here below we have mentioned all those one by one. This is a complete SEO beginners guide and before we start you must know the basics of SEO and related terms to it. Now let’s start.

SEO Beginners Guide 2015

Title and Meta description

  • Your title should be unique and be related with the content and create unique title for each page
  • Use brief and descriptive title but avoid too long title because Google will show only portion of that if it will be long
  • Your tile should contain your main keyword of your article
  • Meta description appear on search result page under link, so it is very important
  • Description also contains keyword, so web spider can search it in your site

Site and URL structure

  • Structure of URL is most important parameter, so URL should be unique
  • URL should not be like any number and name like
  • URL should be title related i.e. if your page title is Dog trainer then URL must be
  • This helps search engines to search easily
  • Your site should also be simple and must provide information of all pages available on your site
  • User as well as search engine spiders can easily go to any page and this is possible with sitemap
  • For users provide simple hierarchy on home page and it should be text links

Optimizing Content

  • Offer quality and unique content
  • Using Google keyword tool, first of all, find related keyword and then start writing your article
  • Write easy and simple content which should be related to the topic
  • When you use any link then mention it with anchor tag instead of click here and visit here
  • Anchor text should be related with the provided link
  • Keep limited use of images in one page
  • If you use image then define all factors like title, alt tag and caption
  • Image name should be related one not like image1.jpg

More discussion we will do in next part of this post, so visit that page

Easy notes for SEO beginners part 1

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