If you are using All in One SEO plugin for your WordPress blog then it is good but if you are using it without configuring then it will not give you better result. Yes, this plugin is not like others you have to make some extra settings to work this plugin better for your SEO result.

For SEO work of your WordPress blog there are various plugins available but I want to recommend you to use either All in One SEO or SEO by Yoast. These two plugins are best for SEO work and provides you great features. But after installing this plugin you have to make some configuration for better result, so now here we are going to see first how to configure All in One SEO plugin and then we will see how to configure SEO by Yoast plugin?

How to Configure All in One SEO plugin?

As you install this plugin one tab ’All in One SEO’ will appear in left side panel of your WP dashboard in which there are total 7 options are given and here we will see how to set all these options.

All in One SEO plugin

General Settings

  • In General Settings check canonical URLs box which will help you to prevent duplicate content penalties by Google by generating canonical URLs for your entire WP installations and also check use schema.org box

AIO SEO General Settings

Home Page Settings

  • Write title in Home Title option which can be up to 60 characters only
  • Then write description about your blog/ site in Home Description box which is limited up to 160 characters
  • List all keywords here for your site in Home Keywords box
  • You can also use static front page, so according to that check that option

AIO SEO Home Page Settings

Keyword Settings

  • Enable use keywords option at first
  • Keep uncheck remaining all options

AIO SEO Keywords Settings

Title Settings

  • Post Title Format is set as ‘%Post Title% | %blog_title%’ now remove blog title from there and make it like this ‘%Post Title%’ only. Blog name will not appear after every title name when your post will appear in Google SERP by setting this option.
  • Keep all options as seen in the image

AIO SEO Title Settings

Custom Post Type Settings and Display Settings

  • Don’t make any changes and leave as it is

Webmaster Verification

  • In website verification methods with Google we have mentioned one type called ‘HTML tag’ in which you have to verify your site by pasting given code at proper place. If you don’t know that place then you can paste that code here and can verify your site with Google. Not only Google but also with Bing and Pinterest.

Google Settings

  • You can add your Google plus profile and Google Analytics code to track your site, so use all options according to your wish and need

Noindex Settings

  • Just check options which you don’t want to index in SERP but to avoid duplicate search result check first four options as seen in image and other options you can set as you wish

AIO SEO Noindex Settings

Advanced Settings

  • Just uncheck ‘Autogenerate Descriptions’ option

Post vise settings for All in One SEO plugin

When you add any new post at that time you will see some options at the bottom of that page which are called Meta Title, Metal Description and Keywords.

Meta Title: You can set other title which will display on SERP than what you have set in real and it is limited by 60 characters

Meta Description: Add description which you want to show to visitors in SERP up to 160 characters

Keywords: Just leave it blank

So, after installing All in One SEO plugin you have to configure these options to get better result. If this is helpful for you then share it others also and share your views in comment section below.

Configure your All in One SEO plugin correctly

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