WordPress site search is very important in any site and if you want to improve it then you can try your hand on below listed plugins that are especially designed for WordPress site search.

Site search helps visitor to find what he/ she is looking for on your site. So, this site search facility should work properly. If you want to improve site search facility then there are various plugins which are designed for such type of work. So, here is the list of Best WordPress Search Plugins of all time which you can install.

Best WordPress Search Plugins

Best WordPress Search plugins


This is very popular plugin and widely used by the users. This plugin allows searching in content, post title, taxonomies, categories and comments also. You can set the priority with 1 to 10 in setting to all these things where 10 is the highest priority.


This is another great plugin for site search which comes in both paid and free versions. It works faster then the default WordPress search. Plus point about this plugin is it stores what visitors search and also show you what they clicked on? So, this is best to use.

Google Custom Search

This is offered by Google and you can create custom search engine for your site and can add it there. In free version only basic features can be used but if you want more then you can try paid also.

Simply Exclude

This is little bit different plugin and is useful when you don’t want to include some specific content, category and tags in search result. After installing this plugin you can select such content and it will not be included in search result.

Voice Search

You are familiar with Google Voice search and what if you can add it to your WordPress site? It would be great because mobile users are increasing and most of them use such feature.

So, these are the best WordPress Search Plugins which you can try on your site. If you find this article helpful then share with your friends also. If you know more options for this then you can let us know in comment section below.

Best WordPress Search Plugins of all time

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