Safety is very important and backup is easy solution for that. Backup of site is necessary and these best WordPress Backup plugins will help you to create backup.

Unfortunately if your site get hacked or you lose data of your site accidently then what will you do? Your hard work of years to create your site get wasted. During such time Backup helps you to restore your data. If you have backup of your site then you can also do some experiment on your site. There are various free and paid WordPress backup plugins available and here we are going to tell you which one is best.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Best wordpress backup plugins


This is paid plugin but cheaper one also. This plugins helps you to backup and restore all data of site very easily. After installing this plugin you can set what things you want to backup, so just select those items.

Backup Buddy

Very popular and mostly used paid plugin for WordPress. You can easily backup data and also can set schedule for automatic backup like daily, weekly and monthly. Using this plugin you can store data in Dropbox, FTP, Amazon S3 and various cloud storage. You can also email this backup to your mail id. You can handle more than one site according to your plan.


Widely used by the people as it is completely free plugin. Same as Backup Buddy you can store backup to cloud storage or on your PC. Easy work functionality is main feature of this plugin, so you can easily restore and backup data. Automatic backup facility is also available.

Backup WordPress

You can create complete WordPress backup using this plugin and that is a plus point. You can schedule your backup plan and also different schedules for your database and files. This is free of cost but if you want to store on cloud storage then you have to switch over to premium version.


As name suggests you can duplicate all data of your site. This plugin is very useful when you want to move your site from one domain/ hosting to other domain/ hosting.

These are the best WordPress Backup Plugins which you can try for your WordPress site. Subscribe with us and get latest updates by email. Kindly share this with your friends and let us know more options if you know about this plugin in comment section below.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins of 2015

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