Best ways of How to make money blogging for beginners

If you own a blog and want to earn from it then you must know How to make money blogging and it is one of the ways to make money online and also easy ways to make money online. Through your blog you can earn well if you have genuine traffic on your blog, so get all details about money blogging from here.

There are several ways to make money by doing online work but if you are a blog owner then you can earn easy money through it. Using blog also there are many ways to make money and here we will discuss some of them which are best and relevant for all blog owners.

In case if you don’t know How to make a blog?

Answer of how to make money blogging

How to make money blogging


It is one of the most used ways by most of the bloggers and also a very trustable way to earn money. Adsense means to publish ads on your blog and when any visitor clicks on it, you get money. Right now there are mainly two Adsense providers which are Google and Yahoo/ Bing. For this, you have to submit your site and they will examine it and if you had maintained all terms & conditions then they will approve your site for Adsense.

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Affiliate programs:

Now a days all online service providers or e-commerce stores provide the facility of affiliating means you will provide a link to any item of their and if any user buys that item using the link which is provided on your blog then you will get the commission.

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Private ads:

You can also put private ads on your blog and for showing ads you can earn money in rewards.

Third party ads:

Like Google and Yahoo there are various third party ad providers like Chitika, Infolinks and others. All they will put an ad on your blog and for doing so they will pay you.

Amazon affiliate/ associates:

Make special blog which is linked with amazon products means it only shows those items which are available on amazon with discounts, so visitors can get those items directly from your blog and if anyone will buy using links provided by you then you will get commission same as an affiliate.

So, these are the commonly and widely used ways by the bloggers to make money from their blog and now you can also choose one from these.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this post, I’ve been blogging for years and years but till this year I had no idea about affiliate marketing through blogs. I have Google Ads on my blog and they work just fine for me. Also, sponsored posts are another way to earn.
    Loved your blog!
    Aditi’s Monologue

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