Running WordPress site with Multi-users then its, better to use User Management Plugins. These plugins help you to control your site much better.

As we all know that WordPress comes with built-in user management system. Using this facility you can easily create various accounts and can define a role to that specific person/ account. But if you want to extend this facility then you must use some User Management plugin for WordPress. Such best User Management Plugin for WordPress are listed here which you can try.

Best User Management Plugin for WordPress

Best user management plugin for WordPress

Cimy User Extra Fields

In built in facility of user management there are only limited fields. If you want to add more fields for registration process then you can easily add with the help of this plugin. This plugin is very helpful for those who offer guest blogging.

Peter’s Login Redirect

You are allowing users to log in on your blog and if you want to redirect such users to specific page after log in then this plugin you can use. Simply install and activate the plugin and then set the link where you want to redirect from setting option of this plugin.

Capability Manager Enhanced

In built in facility user roles are pre-defined and they can do pre-defined works only. But if you want to edit these roles and want to customize then this plugin you have to use. After installing this plugin you can see more options of roles and according to your need you can set it.

Account Locker Lite

If you want to stop any user to access your site without deleting account or changing password, then you can use this plugin. What this plugin does is simply the lock the specific user account and he/ she will not be able to access account then. This plugin is very helpful for security purpose.

Prevent Concurrent Logins

You can login to your WordPress account from multiple locations as this is by default. This may affect your security as you are running multi author WP site. With the use of this plugin you can prevent such concurrent logins and can allow only one session per user at a time.

Apart from these you can also use WP Idle Logout, Force Strong Passwords and User Submitted Posts

So these are the best User Management Plugin for WordPress site you can use if you are running a multi author site. More updates you can get by mail if you subscribe with us. Comment us if you know any other such useful plugins.

Best User Management Plugin for WordPress of 2015

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