Blog means traffic and traffic means blog; both words became synonyms of each other. If you are a blogger and you also want traffic on your blog then these Best Blogging Communities will help you to get massive traffic.

How to get more traffic is a common problem for new bloggers and some times for old ones also. Organic traffic is primary source of traffic but for new bloggers it is very difficult. So they have to depend on other options to get traffic like social sharing, referral links, guest posting and blogging communities. Social media platform is best option to get traffic. But still you are not getting more traffic then you should try blogging communities. Such communities are especially designed to share your blog posts and you can build relationship with other fellow bloggers. Some best blogging communities we have listed here, so just go though it and get listed your blog on these communities.

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Best Blogging Communities

Best Blogging Communities


PR: 4

This is especially designed for the Indian bloggers. Here lots of active bloggers are working and you can interact with them. You can share your blog posts here and it is shared with all members. Features like IndiVine, Meets and IndiRank are provided to bloggers and using these they can get more traffic.

Biz Sugar

PR: 5

This one is highly rated blogging community which has large number of active members. This community has one unique feature called voting system. More you positive vote get higher your blog posts will appear on home page.

Blog Engage

PR: 4

This is the best and most popular blogging communities. This community has large numbers of members and still joining more and more. It has some special features like chat room, groups, and private messages and using those you can build relationship with other bloggers. To get quality traffic this one is the best platform.


PR: 4

Kingged is also very popular blogging community where you can share blog posts. From here you can get high quality backlinks which will help you to rank high on SERP. Kingged also reward their members and often organizes various contents for their members.


PR: 3

The other blog community with good number of members. Like all other communities Blokube has also various features like private messaging, groups and blog syndication which you can use to build relationship. If your post gets maximum votes then it will be shown on home page.

So, these are the best blogging communities and through this you will surely get high traffic. Subscribe with us to get more updates from us. Share this with others and help us.

Best Blogging Communities to get massive traffic

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